Photo portrait of Tracey holding her book Kitsch, Birdie holding two satsumas and Ruth not holding anything!

Birdie Slipware – Deception at the V&A

Introducing Birdie Slipware, contemporary fine art ceramics practitioner Birdie Slipware is the self proclaimed enfant terrible of clay. In 2014, ...
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Trixie sits on an unfinished banner of Sam Fox. Sam is surronded by gold paint and is holding a copy of The Sun which says Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! More fake news from The Scum!

Angel of the North – Duckie @ Hull Pride

I will tell you more about this show soon. In the meantime, here's a little snippet of video by my ...
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"The Cleaner is Present - the DOSE makes the POISON" stylised text to look like a cleaning product brand - Title graphic from perfor

The Cleaner is Present

Watch the video Introduction The Cleaner is Present is a durational site specific performance created in 2013. I was invited ...
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