Opus -- Work Boutique

Copyright Christmas logo featuring performer Harold Offeh in drag as a shop floor santa helper. She is wearing a red tabard, green workdress and is pushing a supermarket trolley full of swag.Opus was created for Duckie’s Copyright Christmas anti-capitalist neo-panto at the Barbican Theatre, London 2011.

Watch the show

Watch this video on YouTube.

About Copyright Christmas

Copyright Christmas was a promenade show with a cast of ten lead and several apprentice performers. The concept was a performance journey around a surrealist, part-fairground, part-medieval cathedral version of IKEA.

We were invited to devise short performances based on activities which might happen in a store.

Bird introduces Opus

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Birdie Allslop

Birdie Allslop looks like a panto version of Kirstie Allslop. She is wearing a green velvet dress decorated with red bows. She has pantomime make up with large red lips. She is pointing a giant knitting needle at an image of Bird dressed a cleaner. The photo is taken on the set of Opus, Copyright Christmas.
Birdie Allslop -- a Tory panto witch

I wanted to create a pantomime witch who would be used to ridicule Tories and in particular to ridicule millionaire slebs such as Kirstie Allslop.

My character Birdie Allslop is the celebrity face of Opus. She’s obsessed with craft and free-market economics.

About the set and costume

The amazing set for Opus was very much a collaboration between Duckie designer Robin Whitmore and myself.

Robin suggested having different images of the character posing in a style based on medieval saints. Medieval sculptures of Saints are often holding a significant object and looking divine.

We put together a series of different outfits that gave a spread across class and gender. We had so much fun taking these images. When I belly laugh during production I know it’s a good sign, I just hope the audience will be as amused as I am.

Duckie video and after show thoughts

Watch this video on YouTube.

Have a look at this video about the show to see more of the set and the other performers. The Duckie Collective weren’t happy with Copyright Christmas. It was an incredibly ambitious project and some parts of it worked better than others. For me it was a really good show. I loved working with a large cast. I was really happy with my piece. I love working with Robin Whitmore and we became friends during this project. The visuals and costumes were completely amazing.

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