About Bird la Bird

I’m a performer who straddles comedy and performance art.

I’m a surrealist who puts the camp back in communism and the fun back in feminism.

I love to make you laugh and I’m serious about entertainment.

I write and perform Queer People’s History.

I’m no spring chicken. I started out as a gallery based artist in the 90s. I gave art up for 10 years cos what I made was worthy and boring. Then I hatched my alter-eggo -- Bird la Bird.

I favour the music hall tradition to gallery based peformance art.

I come from a queer femme perspective but my art isn’t just about being femme and it’s for everyone.

Musing Muses -- FeMuseum

In this video, I talk about my show based performance art and working on the FeMuseum project.

Video accessibility

Brief description of visuals

I am sitting talking with a large screen behind me showing stills from my work. I’m dressed in my Femme Police uniform which is pastel blue, tight, retro high femme uniform. The other artists Carmelita Tropicana, Amy Lamé and Lois Weaver are sitting next to me.

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