2018 has been utterly AMAZING so far.

Travelling History Show at LSE

Massive thanks goes to Jan-Willem Van Bosch who has been working with me as Director and Dramaturg. Together, we have been reshaping my material and improving my performance.

We’ve been working on the pilot version of the Queer People’s History Show which I hope will get funded so we can take it on tour later this year.

A huge thanks to friend and mentor Bev Skeggs, for giving me a platform at LSE and encouraging me to continue, also to friends Jane Czyzselska and Campbell X for unwavering support and belief in my work.

Over the last few months I’ve been working with the Duckie crew who have been supporting my bid to get the TQPHS show funded. My dream is to travel with it both in the UK and internationally – well it is after all the Travelling Queer People’s History Show.

Jan also worked with me on Turning the Tables. My new piece about Thomas Carlyle, Victorian polymath, founder of the Portrait Gallery and arch racist V and Margaret Gibb, the suffragette who attacked his portrait with a meat cleaver. I hope to take this show on tour as well.

In the meantime, I’ll be updating the website and adding more info on past shows.

Watch this space for news on the funding bid, additions to the archive and upcoming shows.

Lorra love,

Birdie xxx