Over the last few weeks I’ve really found my mojo for improving my website and sharing some of the info and documentation from previous shows.

Where’s the decorating gone?

I’ve had to strip back the gorgeous design of the old website for the time being. It will be coming back though. Watch this undecorated space.

Content is Queen

I’m going to keep adding content from my archive so keep coming back for some juicy tit bits including the following.

More, more, more content

I’m in the process of adding information and documentation from previous tours and shows. I’m doing the most recent and my favourites first so it may take me some time to get round to older pieces.

Four placards in bold colour from the rainbow flag. Each features the names of individual or groups of LGBTQI prisoners or detainees featured in the show.
Placards from Going Down at Tate Britain

I’ll tell you more about the piece and include video and photo documentation when it’s available.

Accessibility improvements

Making my shows accessible to as many people as possible is incredibly important to me. What self respecting show off wouldn’t want to make themselves available to as many people as possible?


I’ve been getting my Youtube videos captioned. They should all be done within the next few months.

Latest captioned video

Audio description

I’m currently working with the divine audio describer Michael Atchman aka Marguerite Schadenfreunde to provide audio description of a couple of key shows.

Bird and Michael sitting in the V&A cafe. Bird is pointing at a beautiful blue and while tile of Sappho. The tile shows a classical scene.
Michael and myself admiring tiles of Sappho in the V&A cafe. Photo by Dawn Hoskins, V&A LGBTQ group


If you have any access needs or impairments and you have any suggestions or feedback on how I can make my website and my archive more accessible I’d love to hear from you.