On November 20th 2016 I adopted a little rescue dog from Romania called Trixie Macushla.

My website is an empty shell without mention of her. This is the first of many.

From kill shelter


Trixie in a little crate
Trixie after her escape from Breasta kill shelter in Romania

to People’s Puppy

Trixie is without doubt the queen of all our hearts.

Trixie looking very regal in a fake fur stole. She is a beautiful jack russell cross with a white body and black head.
Trixie Macushla, the People’s Puppy

Trixie on Youtube

Here she is having a sleepover with her Auntie Nic and Uncle Sarah.


Adopt don’t shop!

You’ll be hearing more from Trixie! Trixie! Dog of history! soon!