Queer People’s History

Over the past few years I’ve found my oeuvre creating comedy history tours of museums and other spaces. These tours explore mainstream histories of capitalism and colonialism from my particular bird’s eye perspective. A femme gaze. I like to call it Queer People’s History.

Tours and events

  • Presenting Pomp: Royal Portraiture and Class before the 20th Century, National Portrait Gallery, 2012
  • Queer Walking: Capitalism and the City of London with Sebastian Buser, City of London (2013) and Fringe Festival (2014)
  • Queer Perspectives with Sadie Lee, National Portrait Gallery, 2013
  • Kitsch event with Ruth Holliday and Tracey Potts, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2014
  • LGBT history month tour Victoria and Albert Museum, 2014
  • A Spectre is Haunting the Wallace Collection (and that Spectre is Revolution), Wallace Museum 2015
  • A Queer Portrait of a Workhouse, National Portrait Gallery, 2015
  • A Swish around the Queer People’s Knick Knack Emporium video and live performance, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2015


  • Duckie Queer Heritage Weekend
  • Queer Late at the Horniman
  • LGBT / Queer Visibility Matters
  • Without Borders

See my Diary page for more information.