I make performance art that uses comedy to bring people together and share knowledge about history and how to find out about history.

Accessibility is at the heart of what I do as a performer.

That means I do my best to perform low cost gigs in accessible venues and I explore creative ways of making the work itself accessible.

It also means I’ve designed my website with inclusion in mind.

Website accessibility

The site includes:

  • Easy read fonts
  • Good contrast colours
  • Display options to change font size and choose high contrast
  • Every video is captioned
  • Some videos have audio description
  • Images have informative alt text which will tell you about the content including how fabulous I look
  • Designed for screen reader accessibility

Hey, no-one’s perfect and neither is this website. There’s things I plan to do as I keep developing it like make the standard text size a bit bigger, make the keyboard focus easier to see and audio describe more videos.


If you’ve had an access issue using the site or at one of my gigs or you want to let me know what works. Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.