Bird la Bird

I’m a Queer Femme Feminist Performance Artiste!

I create performance art tours and lectures about LGBTQI+ history that focus on working class and people of colour’s experience. 

Travelling Queer People’s History Show

Bird's shadow in the corner of a projection of text 'The Worst of the Worst'
Still from the history show

My first ever full length solo show explores the lives of working class queer prisoners in the 19th century and the colonial law makers who criminalised queer sex.

History tour highlights

A photo from one of Bird's performances at the National Portrait Gallery. Bird is holding up a ground plan of St Martin's Workhouse. The audience is standing around her.

A Queer Portrait of a Workhouse

A Queer Portrait of a Workhouse is a unique uncovering of the queer connections to the workhouse including LGBT people ...
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Bird holding forth on a podium in a large space in Tate Britain. She is wearing her Queer Communards red and blue outfit and is surrounded by the audience.

Going Down – Queer Convicts at Tate Britain

Using the Queer and Now exhibition backdrop of the decriminalisation of male homosexuality as a starting point, Bird explores Millbank ...
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Who Created the Crime? – Colonialism and homophobia

A collaboration with Dr Rohit K. Dasgupta Gallery All photos by Simon Mooney, © National Portrait Gallery. About the performance As ...
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Bird in full rococo communist costume in front of the Queen Elizabeth 1 coronation portrait. Bird's hards are held imploringly to the camera

Presenting Pomp

How did the magnificent PR machine of historic Royal Court portraiture reinforce class structure before the 20th Century? An artist's ...
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A swish around the V&A preview

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I do the occasional solo or group turn straddling comedy and performance art.

The Cleaner is Present, 2014

Watch this video on YouTube.

More shows

Photo portrait of Tracey holding her book Kitsch, Birdie holding two satsumas and Ruth not holding anything!

Birdie Slipware – Deception at the V&A

Introducing Birdie Slipware, contemporary fine art ceramics practitioner Birdie Slipware is the self proclaimed enfant terrible of clay. In 2014, ...
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Trixie sits on an unfinished banner of Sam Fox. Sam is surronded by gold paint and is holding a copy of The Sun which says Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! More fake news from The Scum!

Angel of the North – Duckie @ Hull Pride

I will tell you more about this show soon. In the meantime, here's a little snippet of video by my ...
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"The Cleaner is Present - the DOSE makes the POISON" stylised text to look like a cleaning product brand - Title graphic from perfor

The Cleaner is Present

Watch the video Introduction The Cleaner is Present is a durational site specific performance created in 2013. I was invited ...
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